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Press Fitting
Press Fitting Technology

Technologically advanced Press Fitting System is a revolutionary cold press coupling system for metallic tubes. It brings productivity and safety to the next level. Absolutely no flame, no heat, no waiting time, and no bulky equipment; only a hand-held tool is required. Connections complete in a mere 3 seconds, even with water flowing through!

Induction Lighting
Induction Lighting Technology

NexG Lumens Induction Lamps combine high efficiency with long life and high quality flicker-free lighting. Savings of up to 65% compared with traditional lighting technology! Extremely long lifespan of 100,000 hours! Flicker-free lighting that switches on instantly, and provides 3 times better expression compared with Sodium lamps.

In line with the Singapore government's enhanced measures to limit

the spread of Covid-19, NexG's operations will continue but at reduced

capacity during the period. Please send enquiries and orders via email to enquire@nexg.sgWe will strive to attend to them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.haTå

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