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NexG Technologies Pte Ltd started as NexG Builders Mart Pte Ltd, a specialist in Press Fittings solutions. This pipe coupling technique is a revolutionary method of connecting pipes for plumbing, petroleum, natural gas, solar heaters, sprinklers, etc. It was developed in Germany and started making an impact in Europe in the 1980s. Since then it has become the choice method of connecting pipes, taking over most of the capillary or end feed system. NexG is a leading specialist for the Press Fit system.

We were the catalyst in bringing this technology to public housing. It is now used in all Singapore's Housing and Development Board (HDB) BTO flats since 2003 for all their plumbing system; Stainless Steel for the risers and Copper for the distribution systems.

In line with this expansion and diversification, we have changed our company name from NexG Builders Mart Pte Ltd to NexG Technologies Pte Ltd on 31 March 2013.


Our philosophy: To partner with our customers to deliver the best outcome.

The mission for us is to find effective solutions for our customers' needs. We will enhance this effort by leveraging on appropriate advanced technology together with harmonious and effective working partnerships. To excel, we shall build a strong team of dedicated people, seeking to be effective in all that we do.


Our core values are:

  • Delivering quality in all that we do.

  • Integrity in the way we conduct ourselves and our business.

  • Having a responsible attitude to our customers, our colleagues, our families, our company, our society and our environment.

  • Providing effective service.

  • Developing strong relationships for growth and to achieve our long term goals.


Our logo

"NexG" means next generation. Instead of taking a position of 1G, 2G or 3G and being fixed in a mental state of "having arrived", NexG will continue to seek out new technologies that are available and appropriate for the task at hand as well as emerging trends. It also reminds us not to be complacent and remain stagnant but instead to be always pushing new frontiers to grow further in expertise, professionalism and effectiveness.

Having started our operations with copper Press Fittings, the copper colour of "Nex" represents the roots of the company. Copper is also significant as one of the oldest known metals and has been used by civilizations for many centuries. This reminds us to be focused on long term goals, ensuring that the company will stay relevant even in the future. This shade of red also represents the people of the company, like blood, it keeps the body alive and functioning. We recognise that it is the people of the organisation that ultimately makes it function effectively.

Besides the name "Technology", the 3D and levitated effect of the letters "NexG" reflects the importance we place on technology; the bronze colour of "G" brings further emphasis in this aspect. Just as it brings a touch of distinction to the logo, our advanced technology will distinguish us from the rest.

The white background represents our values. White further signifies the integrity and honesty in the way we conduct our business. It reminds us that it is our values that will anchor us and keep us on course; as a rudder is to a ship.

NexG Technologies Pte Ltd

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