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Induction Lighting

NexG Lumens Induction Lighting is a highly efficient lighting technology, employing induction coils to drive gas particles around a glass tube to produce light.


Compared to traditional lighting technology, users can expect to achieve energy savings of up to 65%

Coupled with reduced maintenance demand due to the long service life of 60,000 hours, this represents incredible savings to the end user.

  • High Luminous Efficacy ( > 90 lumens/watt)

  • 100,000 hours lifespan

  • No flickering

  • Immediate start

  • No electrical surge -> No oversizing of cables and protection circuits

  • No Mercury Vapour

  • Low Harmonic Distortionow Harmonic Distortion

Street Lighting
Street Lighting

Various models of outdoor street lighting available, to suit a variety of mounting heights.

Office Lighting
Office Lighting

Designed to fit standard 600 x 600mm ceiling panels, our Induction Lamp models offer better quality lighting (no flickering) and reduced maintenance.

Outdoor Flood Lighting
Flood Lighting

Immediate start-up and wide illumination coverage makes our flood lighting ideal for entrance ways, outdoor sports faclities and building perimeters.

Office Down Lighting

Recessed fixture is unobtrusive yet provides wide illumination coverage.

High Bay Lighting
High Bay Lighting

Immediate start-up and wide illumination coverage provides ideal illumination for factories and workshops

Amenity Lighting

IP65 wall fixture for installation on building exterior walls, providing ideal illumination for security and safety.

Low Bay Lighting

Ideal for workspaces with reduced ceiling heights, with extra-wide illumination coverage and no flicker.fliuc

Outdoor Compound Lighting
Compound Lighting

Omni-directional illumination for open spaces, providing superior illumination for users.

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